Alfred Wodansen

Raven of the Allfather, Acolyte of the Son's of Odin


Alfred is an athletic individual, with specialization in combat skills. He carries an English Longbow and a quarter staff and wears leather armor. He has Psionic abilities including healing, concealing or detecting auras and mind reading.


Alfred is an Acolyte Raven of the Sons of Odin. A Raven is tasked with gathering information for the Sons of Odin and for the Holy Host of Odin. The Sons of Odin are a branch of the Holy Host that operate as a militant order within the faith. They are not priests, but devote their lives to the faith. Sons of Odin often operate as semi-autonomous agents.
Alfred comes from a bloodline possessing psionic abilities. His powers improve his ability to gather information and his training gave him the skills to survive in various hostile situations.
As a follower of Odin, he has a Code of Honor. He fights when called upon, without reservation, but he doesn’t engage in unnecessary destruction and doesn’t perpetrate crimes or violence against innocents without an overriding reason. As a follower of Odin, he has strained or hostile relations with the followers of Loki, and he has a bounty on his head, placed by the Coven of the Trickster God, for beating one of their priests during a brawl.
He was sent to Niadimir N’Hil after a request for specialized services to the Holy Host. The Sons thought Alfred had the skills called for by the Great Southern Expeditionary Fleet, and also saw it as an opportunity to send him far away from Brittania and the followers of Loki.

Alfred Wodansen

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