Stories of the Great Southern Continent

Episode 5 - Farewell Jackston

On the Non-Road at Last

Scene: Ruined tower on coastal hill. Sun is setting in the background sky. Beyond the hill is forest covering the coastal hills. Just north of the tower there is a small campfire and several small tents. Roxton, Belvedere, Robert Eskillson, and Uncle Benedict are puttering about.
Zoom: into the base of the tower where some of the rubble has been recently moved to expose a large hatch leading to a bunker below.

A handsome and dashing man (Julian Lang) is climbing out of the hatch. At the top, he turns to help a small woman with wild red hair (Joanna Doyle).

There is a great deal of discussion at the camp that night, on what was seen beneath the ruined tower, and on making plans on what would be the next course of actions for the Company.

In the morning, Alfred, Joanna, Isaac, Ciara, Sommersby, Benedict, and Lang set out to return overland to Jackston.


DeLansing DeLansing

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